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  • Swift Flowing Boiler Run

    Swift Flowing Boiler Run

    A cross-connector trail parallels Boiler Run. This short piece of trail allows for a small circuit hike on the Eagleton Mine Camp Trail, originating from and finishing at the parking area at the main trailhead.
  • Red-Blazed Multi-Use Trail

    Red-Blazed Multi-Use Trail

    The Eagleton Mine Camp Trail is multi-use trail. It is suitable for hiking, biking, and equestrian use. Horses have the right-a-way, followed by bikers, and finally hikers. Move off the trail when approached by someone that has higher priority than you.
  • Gobbler's Roost

    Gobbler's Roost

    Signs along the trail mark local landmarks. There is also a lot of history found along the trail, including a section of the trail that wanders through what use to be a bootlegger's camp.
  • Easy to Difficult Trails

    Easy to Difficult Trails

    The Eagleton Mine Camp Trail varies from flat, easy trails, to intermediate trails with some elevation change, to difficult, rocky trails with steep ascents and climbs. It is also suited for dayhikes as well as overnight backpacking trips.
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Eagleton Mine Camp Trail

This is one of the newer trails in the Pennsylvania State Forests. Located in Sproul State Forest, the Eagleton Mine Camp Trail (EMCT) is a 20 mile multi-use circuit trail open to hikers, bikers, and equestrians alike. With two main cross connectors and various mountain roads, you can make a hike of a variety of lengths.

The eastern and northern sections of the trail are relatively easy to hike, with very little elevation change and nice, even terrain to hike on. The western and southern trails are quite a bit harder. There are more rocks found on the trail as well as signficant, and multiple elevation changes . Water sources are somewhat scarce on the northern part of the trail but abundant on the southern half.

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In 2015, the Keystone Trails Association, in conjunction with DCNR, held their twelfth annual Prowl the Sproul. This hiking event showcases some of the premiere hiking trails in the Sproul State Forest. The hikes are led by DCNR personnel and in some cases provide access to seldom visited corners of the state forest. During my participation in Prowl the Sproul, I opted to take a hike on the Eagleton Mine Camp Trail (EMCT). I had hiked this trail in 2006 and this hiking opportunity allowed me to explore more of the EMCT.

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From the mid 1840s to around 1870 there existed a mining town by the name of Eagleton. Eagleton was situated on top of the Allegheny Plateau where the mining for coal and iron ore was done. The town was connected to the towns located along the West Branch of the Susquehanna by a railroad that traversed seven switchbacks until it reached the top. A portion of this old railroad grade along with many more additional miles of trails are what make up the Eagleton Mine Camp Trail. On June 10, 2006 DCNR celebrated the grand opening of the Eagleton Mine Camp Trail. The trail is an approximate 20-mile loop, with a number of smaller loops available by using a variety of cross connecting trails. This is a multi-use trail that can be used for biking, horse back riding, and of course hiking.