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Ricketts Glen State Park

Ricketts Glen harbors Glens Natural Area, a National Natural Landmark. Take the Falls Trail and explore the Glens, which boasts a series of wild, free-flowing waterfalls, each cascading through rock-strewn clefts in this ancient hillside. The 94-foot Ganoga Falls is the highest of 22 named waterfalls. Old growth timber and diverse wildlife add to the scenic area. Ricketts Glen State Park is one of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania.

There are 26 miles of trails to explore in the Ricketts Glen State Park. However, the most popular and scenic is the Falls Trail. This trail parallels the two branches of Kitchen Creek as it flows through Ganoga Glen and Glen Leigh. On the Falls Trail you will see 21 falls of varying heights. The Falls Trail can be hazardous in places, and good hiking boots along with a bit of caution should be used when hiking this trail.

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Leading fellow workers into the woods for after work hikes, we decided to do something special during a spring weekend. It was decided to do a group outing to Ricketts Glen State Park to hike the Falls Trail. Lake Jean was just starting to be drained and hopes were high that there would be good water flow over the falls in Ganoga Glen. On a sunny May weekend, myself and eleven coworkers headed off to see the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen.

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Ricketts Glen State Park is an amazing natural wonder that all residence of Pennsylvania should experience. My first visit to the glenns and falls was in May of 2007. This past June I decided that my kids should have the opportunity to experience Ricketts Glen as well.

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Ricketts Glen State Park is named for Robert Bruce Ricketts and his family. The park is over 13,000 acres in size and contains a 245 acre lake, Lake Jean. But what Ricketts Glen is most known for is the 22 named waterfalls found in the glens south of Lake Jean, with the largest of these waterfalls standing 94 feet tall. I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life and I can't recall ever visiting Ricketts Glen. It was a suggestion of a fellow hiker from Maryland that I visit the park that I decided to make sure a hike on the Falls Trail was in my future.