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Yellow Creek State Park

Yellow Creek State Park is located in Indiana county of Pennsylvania, just off route US422, about half way between Ebensburg and Indiana, PA. Located on the Allegheny plateau of the Laurel Highlands, Yellow Creek State Park offers a variety of activities including boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking. The lake at Yellow Creek offers many opportunities to view migrating water fowl.

There are three hiking trails available within the state park. All of the trails are easy to hike and well marked. They make for great hikes with young children. The three trails can offer up to 6 miles of hiking, with the shortest hike being the Laurel Run Trail. The Damsite trail takes you to a vista of the dam at Yellow Creek, while the Ridge Top trail is probably the most demanding as it does ascend to to the top of a small ridge line.

Additional information about Yellow Creek State Park and the activities available can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website.

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I discovered that there aren't many hiking trails in Indiana county Pennsylvania. There is a gap in "trail density" from the Johnstown area to the south and the Allegheny National Forest to the north. The Baker Trail that goes from the Pittsburgh area to the Allegheny National Forest does touch the north western tip of the county, but all-in-all, hiking is scarce. Luckily the residents of Indiana county have Yellow Creek State Park.